How to use images to improve your website SEO

Important SEO factors

1. Website speed

Google has brought a lot of emphasis to how important it is for your website to load quickly, especially considering roughly 80% of users are accessing websites through their phones or mobile devices.

Google Page Speed Insights

GT Metrix

What hurts a website’s page load performance?

There are a lot of different factors that can impact the speed of your website, however, one of the easiest factors to control are the images you use.




2. Keywords in image file names

3. Keywords in the image alt text

Alt text is a type of markup that describes the appearance and function of an image on an HTML page. There are two main reasons why alt text is an important factor in your on-page SEO.


Alt text is a tenet of web design that aims to describe images that are difficult to see due to screen readers or browsers. It is also used to enable users with visual impairment to appreciate the content of your site.

Image SEO

Although it may make your site more user-friendly, it can also contribute to image SEO. Aside from improving the user experience, implementing alt text also helps improve the search engine rankings of your site.


When optimizing your website or when you are adding new images to your website, be sure to take the steps listed in the post to ensure positive results. Send us a message if you need help with SEO or web design.



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